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    I think this game would grow WAAAY bigger if it had more classes! I mean, the game is already huge, but there is literalyonly 3 classes in this game. I say we add some Useful classes like a “Miner” (in addition to mining damage points to spend while leveling up
    Miners use mainly meelee weapons (which are actually mining tools) including the mining claw, the pickaxe and the drill. as it’s pretty hard to deal some high damage in combat with just mining damage, miners’ passives and spells are focused on defence (Fortify, foxhole, instant armor, etc) and attack speed (frenzy, Gold rush, W.I.P. …) Also, as theyare mainly meelee, their 1st spell (unlocked at lv2) is a low mana cost, short cooldown explosive just for miners to have ranged attacks.

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    There could also be classes like Engineers, Tribals, Tamers, Rogues or Alchemists, them all with their advantages and disvantages like, for example: Rangers can attack from afar and use tools in his favor; wizards have lots of spells and use elements as their base combat weapon; Warriors can deal lots of meelee damage and supress the enemy, that is great, but isn’t there something missing over there? Utility classes is what I say/write! Usefull classes that aren’t THAT focused on combat! I look forward to the day that a class like that is added to the game!

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    Here’s an idea from Aura Angel

    “how about a paladin class a class that balances the armor of the warrior with the magic of the mage with holy magic as the core of the class the weapon is sword and shield combo weapon”

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