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    Hi there,

    I will be kind of reviewing and going trough all my suggestions so let’s go:

    First the no brainers:

    -Possibility to use your own key bindings.
    -A real first person sight, that can be switched with one simple button (no scrolling) so the camera doesn’t give you headaches when the ceiling is too low.
    -Bigger stacks (everything up to 100, ores and wood and all blocks up to 500)
    -Not every plant needs to drop a seed.
    -On the other hand it would be nice to have a chance for 2 or 3 items to be dropped if something inside the map is harvested with the appropriate tool.
    -More points of interest (mainly more spacious dungeons that go deeper and take up a vast part of the underground).
    -Slightly larger maps (40% more surface would allready be more than enough).
    -Much flater maps (not all biomes but some).
    -Less space taken up by plants
    -> In a way that you see further and have more space for fights

    That’s the kind of stuff I think we could allready expect and that I probably didn’t need to tell you. Now to the fun part.

    An island you “own” and allways drag along, where you build your house, put your crates and plant your crops. You might consider putting a town there with all the NPC, that could grow the more quests you complete. Now the thing is this island would allways be accessible by using the landing portal. (If it’s technically possible without loading time would be awesome). Now you wouldn’t need to save the whole universe so the worlds could be much more temporary and have a system. Like there would allways be 3 portals: easy, normal, hard. With the hard portal at the bottom of a dungeon and the easy portal sometimes hidden (in which case it would be a world with lots of ore). The difficulty would decide what kind of mobs and biomes you find on the other side. As allways greater challenge would mean greater reward.

    I would not add more classes and I like that everybody can use every gear. I also don’t mind that the skills are actually just perks. But we need a lot more different weapons and attack types.

    Sidenote: I guess you want the maximum level cap to remain low, and still have enough late game incentives so the game has much greater replayability. Without you coding 300 differents mobs that fill all the islands from lvl1 to lvl99 and us mining 512 ore to make one bar at lvl80. A fun way to achieve that would be gems you put into your weapon that work like “active skills”. Which gets us back to the combat system.

    The battles need more “aim”. If the camera didn’t lock on the ennemy and we could dodge by holding an additional key while jumping or simply toggle fight mode manually to engage and be able to dodge. The game doesn’t need real hitboxes, (a “simulator” feeling would be absurd for this game, I read survival somewhere in a poll, I hope you mean something a little bit more arcade by that than hunger, thirst, and temperatures). But it needs more action. Now if we had like a dozen different gems to give different behaviours to our attacks, a little aim involved, and bigger mob groups (not just allways fighting one ennemy at a time except by accident), there would be plenty of action. Maybe you also see now why more space could come in handy.

    So to give you a little grasp of what I mean:
    You start the game, at this moment you’re just a nomad who occasionally meets a stranded NPC on his way. At this point you’re still able to travel back to all the worlds you discovered so far, it’s like a toturial. After some boss, you can choose to settle in on one of the previous islands. Now you own a homeworld, all the worlds you discover from now on are completly random and will be erased after taking a portal to the next. You continue to quest and improve your town until you have reached a certain point like the max lvl. Now you’re able to cross the big gate after the 3rd boss. From now on each time you cross a portal there is a chance for you to meet a boss from a set of bosses which all drop their own gem, of which you can only use one per weapon to gain effects like different splash patterns, blink strike, dot… these are the gems mentioned earlier that make a huge difference in how you use the weapon. That is one of the late game goals, the other one is to farm some sort of currency to equip your village in case of a pvp event (which you can enable/disable at any moment and that trigger when someone crosses a pvp portal, the person crossing a pvp portal beeing the invader).

    I think that this way you could make a serious title with lots of bang for the buck and a good replayability. The thing is your game has a pretty decent performance for a voxel EA title. And with an arcade feel you can benefit from that even more. In fact it reacts well enough to pack it with loads of action and make it kind of competitive, a thing other early access games could only dream of.

    That’s it let me know your toughts

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    I would like to also suggest that some plants might not drop seeds while sometimes a plant could drop more than one? Not all plants are overly useful but I managed to make a coal farm with the fire palms and would love to get more seeds without making a new world. ^^;

    I would LOVE larger stacks. Most of my chests are taken up from the small stacks. I hate to toss things in case friends join in or I find someone new to the game in need of supplies. :<

    Npcs and quests.. I would love to see some form of life other than myself or anyone who is on the same world as me player wise. ^^ <3 Though quests might fall into the special events thing? Like maybe go to this world and talk to a npc and do some task or craft a item within x time.

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