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Character creation, level up issue

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    I started to play like 2 days ago and got up to level 12 on my first character, then I joined a friend with a new character I created so we can start all over together and when I went in the character skills, I saw I had some points to put already while I just created the character, so I pressed the “+” button and my character leveled to lvl 12, just like the other.
    I continued playing, discovering islands until the first boss and now I’m level 15 on my second character.
    My first one was still 12 so the exp got shared from him to the new character but it doesn’t work the other way.
    My issue is not that it’s not working but I was wondering why my new character had already so much exp and points waiting while I just created him. Sorry if it isn’t clear enough and I hope someone will explain me if this is a bug or not. Hope you can fix it 🙂

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