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    Hello People of the internet 🙂

    My friend and me finished the third boss 5min ago and now we’re staying infront of that giant Portal, when I google what we can do it says “nothing so far” – March 2k16. Thats a looong time ago and I wanted to know if there changed something in the past months…

    Also we only got one of these Hearts or how they’re called to make the best Armor so where are we gonna get the rest?

    We arent even lvl 30 and beated it with the gold armor (We’re Skilled xD) 😀

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    the hearts drop form the third boss so just kill him again a few times. hes also great for farming titanium bars as soon as you can kill him in one damage phase. the big red portal is still useless but there are now hardmode versions of each boss. you craft recipes for item which teleport you to their worlds which rarely get dropped from the respective boss. as you are new to the game i recommend doing the temple of cthiris dungeon by using the cthiris tesseract a few times so you get energy crystals and recipes for endgame armor and rings with electro resistance for the first hardmode boss the electro worm (you should also get level 30 for the last perks). the electro worm drops stuff specifically for the ice dragon queen which drops stuff specifically for the light hollow king so thats the order you are supposed to do them. all of them have completely new mechanics and way higher damage and health and are meant to be beaten by a group. if youre good you can solo farm all of them with a little bit of practise. have fun farming ^^

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