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Memory leak

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    Will something be done with the memory leak issue the game has in the near future?

    Excuse my frustration, just lost like 20 titanium bars to a crash.

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    how did u lose 20 titanium bars to a crash? did you farm 400 titanium ore in under 5 minutes?

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    Dude I farmed for several hours, put it all in a chest then took it out to smelt and shortly after game crashed. Bars were gone, not in inventory or in chest.

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    thats weird as the game autosaves character and world at the same time so maybe it crashed during the saving process. anyways yes thats quite annoying but i must say… i have 121 hours and not a single crash during gameplay. i do crash quite often when loading into a universe but never during gameplay. well if it is a memory leak then its my pc being good enough to not give a damn about it

    edit: also contact support about maybe getting your items back. theyve been quite helpful with these progress loss issues. just send a ticket in that category and youll get an answer in a few days. best of luck with that

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    The memory leak should be looked into. Taking a glance in the steam community shows it to be quite common. But pc is not the problem, my system specs far exceeds the recommended. Memory is 16gb ddr3.

    I don’t really mind the loss of materials, just want to play without the possibility of losing hours spent on gathering. This has occurred twice so far in my 36 hours.

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    Hi – Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems. Please can you reach out to our support team? New issues can be reported here:

    Please can you ensure you attach a DxDiag report and your portal_knights.log to your form.

    DxDiag.txt files can be easily created by pressing [Win]+[R], typing “dxdiag” in the Run-dialog and pressing [Enter]. Finally click on “Save All Information…”

    In order to find the portal_knights.log you have to navigate to your local game files. Please follow the steps below:
    1. Right-click on Portal Knights in your Steam library
    2. Select “Properties”
    3. Select the “Local Files” tab
    4. Click on the “Browse Local Files” button

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