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How many other voxel games have you played?

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    I probably have played at least a dozen other voxel games.
    I will be interested to see how this one compares.

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    I hope this one can top SkySaga, it has potential but I guess we’ll find out how much the devs listen to their players. That will make all the difference, so here’s hoping!

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      Our eyes and ears are open and ready!

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    I hope this one can top SkySaga, it has potential but I guess we’ll find out how much the devs listen to their players. That will make all the difference, so here’s hoping!

    In all honesty, despite that SS hasn’t released, it is probably the top of the pack.
    Trying to top them is a tall order.

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    Minecraft ( the one i still play the most)
    Stonehearth ( i play a lot too)
    Cubeworld ( forgot my log in completely since the game is abandoned,however i liked it very much)
    Trove, i tried for a few minutes.
    Sky Saga i tried for an hour.

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    Minecraft – Stopped playing because addicting.
    Staxel – New voxel game focused on farming.

    Some of the Discord boyz/galz have been telling me to check out Stonehearth. It also seems like everyone in the world has heard of Sky Saga except me. I’ve signed up to join it now I’m just waiting on access.

    how do i signature

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    It’s just minecraft for me

    Steam: Frostiverse

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    I tried Skysaga but it wasn’t for me, as was Trove.

    I did, however, fall in love with Minecraft Survival. Still play it whenever a new update comes out!

    Cube World is another one. If that had updates…Man. What a game.

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    Some spaceship one I cant remember the name of.
    7 Days to Die
    Space Engineers

    As you can see, I kinda like this genre. I thought Minecraft was pretty bland as a vanilla product in all honesty but its mods, written by some extremely talented individuals, allowed it to evolve into a fantasic experience. I really enjoyed playing Cubeworld too but two-three years of silence just killed that stone dead.

    Looking forward to see what Portal Knights has planned for the future 🙂

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    This one

    I also do art with VoxelShop

    I like how “small” the voxels are and still a lot more detailed than Minecraft. I am big on creative-mode and I kinda miss unlimited blocks at my disposal with Minecraft. I suppose there’s good and bad. Portal Knights has needed tweaks in armor/weapon system. Or create stronger wands (I’m a mage). I think I’ll play this game far into the future and hope to see more blocks.

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    Minecraft, build a 15k block long railroad to some new block to farm, then i run out of things to do..
    Boundless, still in early access, but look very good so far.
    Creativerse, 1 houer.
    This one, at endgate, waiting…

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    Starmade (shortly)
    Vox (shortly)
    Staxel (shortly)

    I love the RPG-voxel mix of Portal Knights. Random islands and structures with lots of detailed objects. Very nice integration of Steam friends. Pretty graphics and nice combat system.
    Needs more content and customization for the long term. User created content and stuff. The more open the more long lived it can become.

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    3D Dot Gamer Heroes
    Cube World
    Maniac Digger
    Portal Knight
    Scrap Mechanik
    Next week than Dragon Quest Builders, played the Demo already and it was Amazing.

    I mean Minecraft is classic. A lot of People claim, that it was the first of its Kind, which isn’t even true. In Sauerbraten/Cube there was already an Voxelbased Editor, and in the same when Minecraft hits his first Popularity, 3DGH was released… and because Games take normaly atleast 2-3 Years until they’re ready, it’s hard to tell which Game/Idea was first. And let not forget that Notch by himself said, he was inspired bei Infiniminers. However Notch did amazing Job, Minecraft is damn good and he made this Concept/Genre popular. I enjoy still the Vanilla-Version(because a lot of people claim this Game is only enjoyable with mods), mostly even on Console with Splitscreen it still an masterpiece.

    3DGH is pretty Amazing because it was an great Hybrid out of Voxelbased Artstyle, The Legend of Zelda and RPG(due the fact, that TLoZ isn’t an ARPG but an Action-Adventure).

    CubeWorld i love as well, it was such an great Game. The Game itself isn’t dead, if you follow Wolfram/CubeWorld on Twitter you guys would’ve seen, that he regularly put infos/pictures/videos for the Upcoming Update. The Major Issue with him is, that he is way to arrogant and an lone wolf, and only want to make the Game byhimself(and his wife). As far as i know, even Mojang wanted to help him, and he declined. I think he shouldn’t have released the Alpha/Beta branch so early, in the other hand it was also the Community fault, because they whined for an long time they wanted to play the early branch… so idk.

    StarMade is pretty nice, i like the whole Universe Conzept. Also Vox have Potential. Trove wasn’t my cup of tea, and i really dislike simply Clones like Maniac Digger. Skysaga have Potential, but i dislike the whole MMO/forced online thing(like in hack n slay as well). Space Engineers/Medival Engineers is nice, but to play it properly i have to upgrade my PC which can take some time.

    7 Days to Die is one of my most Favorite Survival and Early Access Games out there. It had an huge Development until know and there are very often big Updates, which adds alot of Features. They also have taken away an big Step from the only-voxelbased Style and the new Graphicstyle/Concept fits a whole better to this Game.

    Portal Knights is also one of my Favorites of this Genre. I like the Artstyle and Concept, also i love that it have somewhat a bit of an The Legend of Zelda 3D feel into it.

    Scrap Mechanic as well is an Game with huge Potential…if you want to play a bit as an mechanic, build vehicle and such things, it is your best bet.

    And Dragon Quest Builders, it will be so amazing. I’m a huge DQ Fan to begin with, and very happy with every Game we get in the West, even the Spin-Offs. It is more aimed for the Story/Campaign, also to Build Villages/Citys which helps you progress. The Combat is somewhat(in the Demo atleast) simple, and maybe that could’ve been better, or even more why not Roundbased Combat… idk an Voxelbased Game with the Possibility do destroy/build and an Roundbased Combat(except pixelmon for Minecraft). Than again it play’s natural and reminds me on the Classic TLoZ 2D Style… so yeah…

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    Cube World

    Minecraft. I love love LOVE the music in Minecraft and I love that you can mod it. No RPG elements though, and I do live for that stuff so it wasn’t a long lasting experience.

    I originally found Portal Knights because I left Skysaga. Skysaga is a great game but they don’t have aspirations to ever include RPG elements like classes/skill trees etc (despite having races…) which was a huge bummer. They want pure sandbox simply and it doesn’t suit me.

    Trove, I don’t like the style Trove has and it’s way too wacky for my taste. I really liked the hubs though and that there were so many classes (maybe a little too many though).

    Cube World is really something, I loved the Zelda feeling it gave me and the RPG elements. But that game had no building aspect and the progress is just way too slow.

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