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Events are gone!

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    Hello Portal Creators!

    In almost 350 hours of game, I can say that one of the games that I have the pleasure to have acquired, I never liked the Minecraft style, but I confess that this title has increasingly surprised me, I like to do some tests And even find bugs to help more and more improve this beautiful experience that has filled my days. I decided to do a simple thing to try to manipulate the game’s event system without interfering with the game’s interface (because I do not even know how to do it), I changed the date from “Windows” to specific dates like Christmas, Hallowen among others and My surprise the seasonal events, appeared in the game for me to do and complete as if they were the season, I found it cool and I decided to make and unveil new items and places, I was very happy with everything that I got, however after returning to the normal date I realized that the events It was sad to lose everything I had and to have to start all over again, but I had to take care of the consequences of my actions, so I decided to post my experience So that you creators of this good game, can find a solution to block this type of bug so that it can not be done so that the events will not stop as it happened, my intui To is simply to contribute so that this game so good that has me amused, has improvements.

    I am also willing to share ideas about new enemies, maps and even new classes, weapons and skills in order to make the experience more complete and more robust.

    Awaiting return.

    I’m Brazilian, I’m a Gamer!

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    only works on that universe that i’ve seen. but at least you get some quests.

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    I had the same issue, I started a new universe then started a new c’thiris, then bam my events are back. hope it works for ya’ll if you haven’t gotten it to work yet.

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    Hi all – Adjusting your times/clocks is not recommended. Doing this is likely to cause issues and can prevent events from occurring as and when they should.

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