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Enemy AI should be more random

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    Hi. I really love what you have done with Portal Knights, but there is one thing that lets me down, and makes things a bit dull/tedious… the fact that enemies seemingly just walk straight towards you, making combat a bit of a dull chore (hold down fire key, and maybe walk backwards if the enemy’s HP doesn’t drop to zero by the time they have strolled over to you).

    I would love to see enemies with a bit more randomness to their behavior… not alway predictably moving straight at you. As well, they should change stratagies or do something when hit. At worst, maybe have them dodge, so you at least have to reposition yourself to face them again.

    It’s an odd reference, but I’ve always loved how the wild dogs in the game STALKER don’t just run at you predictably. They will hold, circle, retreat, get closer, go farther… always keeping you on your toes, wondering if you need to stay defensive, attack them, or can safely move on.

    More recently, I was really pleased to see a similar unpredictability used in the game Unexplored, where enemies really keep you guessing. It’s a relatively simple thing, yet greatly improves the fun, involvement and challenge of an encounter, rather than it just being a bit of a tedious ‘hold down the fire button’ thing. Anything that causes you to have to reposition, reface, hold fire, etc… and add some interest/involvement to the battles.

    I’m hoping a future update can address this. Everything else is awesome so far, and I really appreciate all the great new content that keeps being added. As with most of my suggestions, make them an optional setting, if it might be in conflict with what other people prefer… Choice is always better than forcing everyone to one thing!

    BTW, even though I have autoaim off, it sometimes seems like there’s some sort of aiming happening… like my arrows are not always going where I am pointing. Is that the case here?


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