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Dedicated servers, updated wiki, traders & Brightnes controls

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    Hey guys, so far its a really great game, my friend introduced me to the game, he said I needed to play it with him, so I did, but most of the time we get stuck, because he is hosting the world and when he is logging off, because he had to eat or something completely different, I still wanted to play in the world, to build our house done.

    So I’m Suggesting Dedicated servers, so my people basically can log out from a server and then continue on let’s say building the house finished, maybe get the item your friend wanted. I understand it’s a co-op game and u may hear this time to time, but I just wanted to give u guys my input, and no I’m not saying u should raise the player limit, but it could be a thing if u made dedicated servers available for people, tp decide on thair own, most people play in groups of 5 to 6 people but it could be an idea.

    About the wiki most of the time I cannot find the blocks I’m looking for idk how I get them or when in a recipe or to upgrade the different workshops could be nice to see when and what Lvl. 🙂

    Traders it could be nice to see traders evolve the more things u buy from them like they get more luxurious items for u to buy.

    About the brightness, I feel it’s really dark in the dungeons sometimes even tho my screen is on 100% Brightness and I could find a brightness setting within the options.

    But anyway great game cannot wait to see what it brings. <3 🙂

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    Hi Melonendk! Thanks for your suggestions! 🙂

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