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    Hey Devs!
    Your Game is pretty amazing, and i have to say, that i’m really happy with your newest update, because you make the Class-System worth it. Before this update, the Class-System didn’t make many sense; simply because you could all Weapons from Mage as Warrior and such. For me before this update i would’ve prefered if there aren’t such limitation – you shouldn’t offer us an Class-System at all and should’ve made instead an simply huge Skilltree where you build your own class. But with this Update fixed that Issue and i’m very happy with it.

    However a lot of People seem to hate this Class-restriction and i fear you may revert that back someday. If you consider this, i would suggest instead to revert it back to the classic-style of PK – why not include new Perks/Traints/Talents in on certain Level where you can choose between Purebuild, and two Hybridbuilds.

    As example: Level 20 you Choose as Warrior between Eliteknight(Purebuild), Battlemage(Warrior x Mage) and Wanderer (Warrior x Rogue) [only example names]
    If you choose the Hybridclasses, obviously you can use their Weapons. As tradeoff however you can’t use some of the exclusive Elite-Knight Weapons and maybe also Traits.

    That’s my Idea how you could solve this issue(if it is one) so both sides are happy.
    Thanks for Reading

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